Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Supper Club: April 2008

We had a great night last night at Meg's house sharing smoothie recipes and eating chips and salsa. Macy's Power Smoothie made me think of an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and I think my strawberry almond smoothie was liked as well.

My favorite part of Supper Club--besides all the yummy, yummy food consumed--is just the chance to sit for a couple of hours unhindered and chat with friends. Last night the topics of conversation ranged from chocolate cake to Facebook to visiting teaching to embarrassing shopping trips. Each month seems to bring a different flavor and tone to the conversation but one that is filled with lots of laughter.

Our March 2008 club night was at Macy's cute house and I was amazed at how much conversational terrain we packed into just those couple of hours. Macy littered her table with Easter chocolates, so as we chatted I contributed my part to ridding the world of too much Easter candy by consuming all the chocolates within arm's reach. That was the night for talking about blogs and what books we were reading and I went away with a new bunch of books to read and a list of blogs to add to my Google Reader.

Our February 2008 club night was a busy, busy evening at Mary's house where we learned new bread-making skills and tried out all kinds of different sugars. I think we had 15 women crowded into Mary's new kitchen munching on fresh-from-the-oven bread with butter and honey. Hmmmm. So, so good. There were a host of new recipes we each walked away with and a multitude of conversations to choose from while we waited for the bread to bake. There is nothing like warm bread and hot butter on a cold February night when you are among friends.

Can't wait for the next month's night or to see what's on the menu.

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